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Kier has over 70 years of experience in the residential sector, with access to a wealth of resources and expertise.

As one of the UK’s largest combined property, construction and services companies, we are in a unique position: we can successfully deliver housing projects from start to finish. From multi-storey apartments and bungalows to student accommodation and nursing homes, our offering spans an array of development types.

Specialising in a range of tenures, we construct and maintain buildings for open-market sale, private rental, affordable rent and shared ownership.

Our approach is innovative, comprehensive and specifically tailored to meet and exceed customer and client expectations. We offer support through every stage of development: we find sites, develop concepts and secure funding, before planning, building and maintaining our properties.

We are an experienced and pragmatic house builder and partner, offering insight and imagination. We help our customers and clients turn their aspirations into reality, harnessing their assets to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits.

For us, the journey of building homes does not end when the final brick is laid.

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