New Communities Partnership

The New Communities Partnership: aiming to deliver £1 billion of new UK housing

Along with Cheyne Social Property Impact Fund and the Housing Growth Partnership (HCA and Lloyds Banking Groups’ joint venture), we launched the New Communities Partnership in May 2016. This provides housing associations and local authorities a unique model for building new homes on existing land.

This offers the opportunity for new income from land while addressing housing needs and supports socially responsible developments that provide wider employment, apprenticeships, and sustainable economic benefits.

In addition, the Partnership enables local authorities to reduce waiting lists for rented housing, cutting costs and controlling tenant nominations.

Critically, the Partnership also offers a model that substantially increases the proportion of affordable homes on each site. With scope for up to 50% of homes to be affordable, we’re making major advances on the average 11% achieved in traditional developments over the last three years.

Our collective expertise spans the lifecycle of home building, embracing procurement, funding, site assembly, construction, sales, management and maintenance. All of these are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

The Partnership aims to unlock the production of much needed mixed-tenure housing, stalled by on-going austerity pressures on Local Authority and Housing Association budgets

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