Our Capabilities: Investing

Our innovative funding routes help clients kick-start new development opportunities. The reform of the accounting requirements that
cover councils’ housing revenue means that rental income can now be used to fund housing stock. We work in a similar manner, investing our profits from construction and housing-for-sale into new projects. This means we manage cash flow in the most effective, commercially efficient way.

We can fund developments without relying on external lenders. We can respond quickly to opportunities, giving clients certainty of cost
and delivery. We also generate cross-subsidy on multi tenure sites from the housing we sell on the open market. We can then use this value creation process to offset the cost of delivering affordable homes in whatever form the local area needs. With a mix of affordable and private-sale housing, we generate a blend of private developer and contracting margin, meaning our capital investment in land is significantly smaller.

We are a UK wide delivery partner to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), through both the Developer Panel Partner (DPP) and the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP). This gives us access to government-backed programmes, allowing us to advance land and financial investment. We also have considerable experience in developing on land bought from public bodies. Sometimes a housing or regeneration proposal requires a more complex funding solution, such as more tenure choices. In these cases, we can find the right solution by tapping into our external funding options.

We have established excellent links with institutional investors and potential joint-venture partners, and have a long and successful record of attracting private finance. Coupled with our access to the Private Rental Investment Market, we can offer a greater diversity of tenure while providing increased funds to facilitate the delivery of affordable homes.

New Communities Partnership

The New Communities Partnership: aiming to deliver £1 billion of new UK housing

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